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3D Graphics


3D Graphics

Our creative team included several 3D graphics experts. Applications in the equestrian world have so far been extremely limited. 3D is certainly not the first multimedia product associated with the horse world. However, we wanted to include it among our services because we have always wanted to innovate, and the possibilities that this technology offers to those who have a vision are literally endless.

  • Technology:

    3D Graphics (multiple softwares)

  • Upload:
    Dropbox Tristan Dark Horses
IRHA | New logo intro

Example of animation created for the new logo of the Italian Reining Horse Association (in turn designed by us). The logo was placed on a “bed” of sand to recall the reining arenas.

  • Render:


  • Making:
    Upon request
Pegus Horse Feed
Example of 3D technology applied to the equestrian sector. The PEGUS HORSE FEED logo has been “converted” into a wheat field at sunset. There is absolutely nothing true in this image. It was entirely computer generated.
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