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Stefano Bressani

This first gallery of the ART section is a tribute to what I consider a “masterpiece of creative madness”. When the famous sculptor Stefano Bressani asked us to create an equestrian-related image for the book dedicated to his 10 years of activity, the thought immediately went to one of the most famous equestrian paintings in history, The First Consul crosses the Alps at the Gran San Bernardo, Jacques Louis David’s first tribute to Napoleon Bonaparte. Apart from the scissors and the cylinder – Stefano Bressani’s distinctive signs – the challenge was concentrated in the reproduction of the painting in a photographic key. Dear friends Ilario Dal Pietro and Nevio Lepre created, respectively, the bit and the headboard. For the horse I wanted to pay homage to history, and to use an Arab (such was in fact Marengo, Napoleon’s horse). David, in my opinion, portrayed a horse with the features of an Andalusian. Another difference between the two works lies in the light, which in David’s painting comes from the left, while in ours comes from the right. The “craquelure” effect was put above what has remained entirely a photograph. The image was deliberately not given a pictorial aspect, in order not to hide all its infinite details.

Dimensions of the original image: 69 x 46 cm a 300dpi (44,3 MP)
Levels: 300+

Colonels Smoking Gun | Tribute to Andy Warhol

Gunner [Colonels Smoking Gun]’s most famous image revised in a tribute to the brilliant artist Andy Warhol.


From our masterpiece ARISE, two “equestrian pearls” to remember an outstanding set-making and post production work. Pictured here is Penthesileia, queen of the Amazons, who rushed to the aid of Priam, king of Troy, and perished on the battlefield at the hands of Achilles.

Cuoghi Quarter Horses

A historic Italian breeders’s logo carved and drowned in color.

Stefano Ferri | The Four Elements

Stefano Ferri, a well-known trainer now stationed in France at the Bo Ranch, has been developing a specific 4-phase training program inspired by the 4 elements: air | water | earth | fire. This is the first in a series of celebratory works of this fascinating program.