• Sugar Little Step |Vector trace logo

    All of our logos start with a vector drawing, generated by mathematical matrixes to preserve the quality in spite of the size.

  • Sugar Little Step | Vector finished logo

    The customer receives a PDF vector file that can be resized without any loss of resolution.


We use vector graphic to hand-create Your art!

The new logo realized for MyHorses (CH).

  • tristan dark horses horse head 1 web
  • tristan dark horses horse head 2 web
  • tristan dark horses horse head 3 web
  • tristan dark horses horse head 4 web

    In eleven simple circles, a little great magic...

    This logo is 100% vector and 100& hand drawn. All dimensional elements have been hand drawn. This is the determination that sustains our art.

    Logo inspired by the movie "The Great Gatsby" and - of course - by the ART DECO style. Fully hand-realized for CLASSIC EGO, 10-Time World Champion.

    Tristan Dark Horses Mifi Majestic

    All of this logo elements have been chosen by the customer. We suggested to draw the reining horse with an 80's old cassette type, given the presence of the "Majestic" word. The tape is fully vector and hand-drawn!

    Tristan Dark Horses: excellence in equine communication.

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