Case study | Cuoghi Quarter Horses

The trust that many customers have of our studio has allowed us to develop many projects over the years, and eventually take care of the entire company's or stable's image. Listing the advantages of this type of collaboration is almost unnecessary: 1) drastic reduction of costs and processing times, given that the production process is organized by a single team; 2) uniformity of communication's design; 3) greater control over the quality of the services; 4) easier maintenance and management (staggered payment programs, assistance on all graphics and multimedia services).

We give both consistency and a high-end "visual" experience: our deep knowledge of the equestrian sector makes Tristan Dark a real technical and multimedia consulting studio for the horse industry. At the beginning of 2018, for example, we've been given the honor to organize and manage the new stallion auction for the Italian Reining Horse Association. A remarkably complex job that saw the creation of an auction-based e-commerce website, an original graphic design project, and exhaustive copywriting, including the fiscal and legal advice on the entire operation. The entire project was conceived and delivered in less than a week.

It's absolutely appropriate to refer to these projects as "case studies" in the equestrian sector. Tristan Dark is no longer a merely artistic reality: it evolved into an eclectic and fully organized studio. An entrepreneurial reality that has gained the trust of several clients and organizations.

In this page we illustrate the case study for one of our most important customers, who has always given us great trust, and "carte blanche" on every aspect related to the image of his breeding program: Cuoghi Quarter Horses.

A drawing

It all starts with something simple ...

A logo, one of the most famous in the international equestrian scene, designed by someone many, many years ago. A logo that has its most peculiar trait in the octagon. Our journey starts here.

...that inspires something so beautiful...

When we were asked to re-invent (for the second time) the image of this great breeder, we started from a very common element in the architecture of the place: the octagon. It's present in the columns, it's present in the doors, it's present in the manor house plan. There is a hint of it even in the shape of the stalls inside the stallion house. An attention to detail that Cuoghi Quarter Horses sahres with our studio. And then there was the magnificence of the structures, and the incredible beauty of the hills which they are set in. Not to mention the horses, some of which have written the history not only of reining and European cutting (Snapper Cal Bar) but, in more recent years, also of the reining worldwide (Master Snapper and All American Vintage above all). represent a problem!

With all the magnificent images that we were collecting, we realized that preparing a trivial gallery for the website would have not paid the right tribute to the beauty of the architectures, nor to the effort to portray them. Hence the idea: why not show them as if they were paintings displayed in an art gallery?/p>

And here the gallery comes to life ...

A website that speaks with elegance and simplicity. A website that wants to be exhaustive without being boring. A journey through the history of a man, Roberto Cuoghi, and of what he was able to create with his determination and foresight. A website that gives great importance to images, because it arises from the need to document a beauty that is both static and in becoming at the same time.

... and the inauguration is wonderful!

Images, images, images ... Would have they really been enough to tell the whole story? Or to transmit at least a part of that passion that gave birth to this place? No. No. We were in need of something more alive. More overwhelming. We needed a video made with top tools and professionals. We neeed a lot of poetry. We needed some tears. Because there is never light without darkness. Life was necessary. We like to think that we have harnessed it ...