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Being our studIO deeply rooted in American culture, for many years we have proposed a type of communication in line with the expectations of our customers, well exemplified by the examples collected in our archive. However, at a certain point, the credibility and the attention obtained by Tristan Dark allowed us to "impose" a different communication vision on the market, more in line with the Italian taste and, someway, much more artistic and innovative. The success of this latest work has convinced us of the goodness of this turning point, and of the need to "force the hand" to customers to convince them that even in the horse world, sometimes "dare" is the winning choice.

  • Investment Package
  • Cuoghi Quarter Horses
  • MA Thunderstorm
  • Serequine
  • Investment Package

    Investment Package

    An unprecedented advertising campaign, not only for the splendid protagonist, but for the union between stallion and model. The images created for Investment Package would not be out of place in a fashion magazine, and show Tristan Dark Horses' new approach to the equestrian communication for the web and the print media.

  • Cuoghi Quarter Horses

    Cuoghi Quarter Horses

    Beautiful Cecilia Cuoghi poses with one of her favourite mares at the family's estate.

  • MA Thunderstorm

    MA Thunderstorm

    A very ambitious graphic work, with over 100 image levels to recreate in every detail the "storm" that is the hallmark of this great stallion.

  • Serequine


    A work of pure vector graphics for one of the most famous semen distribution networks in the world. Given the number of stallions represented by Serequine, and their fame, we preferred to play with something unusual and unexpected, rather than repeating the usual, pedestrian list.


Pegus Horse Feed

The last ad campaign realized for Pegus Horse Feed, leader in the equestrian nutrition field for the last 60 years, deserves a gallery of its own because of the project's complexity. For this customer we pushed our creative spirit to the extreme by recreating a virtual corn field, with the customer's logo in the middle, with the most sophisticated 3D tecnologies. A symbol of empathy with nature and a message of very high product quality. A challenge never tried in the world of the graphic advertising before, won with the details that cancels the bundaries between fantasy and reality.

  • tristan dark pegus advertising corn field bokeh detail
  • tristan dark pegus advertising corn field bokeh
  • tristan dark horses pegus horse feed table
  • tristan dark pegus cavallo magazine corn field light colors
  • tristan dark horses pegus horse feed table
  • tristan dark horses pegus horse feed table


Tristan Dark Horses Boemil Twin Robotop
Tristan Dark Horses Black Gotta Gun
Tristan Dark Horses Rabboni Performance Horses Futurity 2018
Tristan Dark Horses Olf Cash Bar King Flyer Front
Tristan Dark Horses Olf Cash Bar King Flyer Back
Tristan Dark Horses Spooks Gotta Sting DSC9624
Tristan Dark Horses Rich Side DSC9778
Serequine 2018 European Futurity
Serequine T Shirt White Front


Arc Blueyed Redskin - Ice
Arc Gunna Sparkya
Arc Tora Tora - Smartaz
BB One Miracled One
Black Gotta Gun
Boemil Twin Topleus
Boomshernic for Serequine
Boss American Tardy
Cashin The Assets
Colonels Smoking Gun Gunner
Cowboys Magazine
Cowboys Magazine Online
Frankly A Dream
Hollywood Gun Dunnit
Iam Sailors Brother
MA Thunderstorm
MA Thunderstorm
MA Thunderstorm
Mr Elegance Of Touch
Oaks Lone Pepto
Okie Dun Badger
SM The Marquise Gold
Star Spangled Whiz
TD Celebri Te
TD Celebri Te
The Major Hitter
UB A Stylin Peppy
Wheeling Cal Bar
Yella As I Wanna Be
Yella As I Wanna Be

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