Tristan Dark Horses | Workshop




Platinum Stables
Rüderner Straße 100 97357


9:00 AM - Brief theory of the equestrian photographic portrait - technical notions
10:00 AM - Shooting realized with flash - practical demonstration
11.00 AM - Outside group shooting with natural light 12:00 AM - Lunch break

Program (afternoon)

1.30 PM - Outside group shooting with natural light
3.30 PM - Post production demonstration (from developing the RAW file to saving the final image)

6:00 PM - Conclusion



Maximum number of participants:


Required equipment:

DSLR or mirrorless camera with 70-200 mm (or similar) lens; laptop with Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Camera Raw/Lightroom installed.

Conditions of participation:

1) It is absolutely forbidden to film the workshop at any time;
2) The photos taken during the workshop can only be published on social media and/or on the personal websites of the participants. Any use of a commercial nature (sale of photos, etc.) is excluded.);
3) Published images must always clearly show the words "photo taken during Tristan Dark's workshop";
4) Participants consent to the video recording or photography of the workshop for future promotional purposes, thus accepting that they can be represented during such shootings.
5) Neither Marco Brunetti, as owner of Tristan Dark Photography, nor any of his assistants, nor any member of the Orlandini team are responsible - in any way - for damage to persons or things that may occur during the workshop, whether such damage is caused to participants or caused by them. To this end, it is strongly recommended to obtain personal insurance for damage caused to third parties​.
6) The € 300.00 fee must be paid in advance;
7) Tristan Dark can cancel the workshop at any time if the minimum number of participants (3) is not reached or due to unexpected and unforeseeable weather or other problems. In this case the sum paid in advance will be fully refunded.

Download the entry form: