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An absolutely precious work not only for the extremely limited edition but also for the incredible quality of the finishes. From paper to packaging, everything has been designed to give back the feeling of something unique and eternal.

Details about “Arise”

Below are the specifications of the chosen product.


  • Bound volume in n. 1000 hand numbered and signed copies
  • Editions: Grafiche Antiga
  • Hard box
  • 200 glossy pages
  • Text in: Italian/English/Ancient Greek
  • Volume: 25 x 33,5 x 2 cm
  • Packaging: 30 x 39 x 3 cm
  • ISBN Code: 978-88-97784-20-3


ARISE is a complex photographical/cultural project, begun in the spring of 2011 with the intention of translating in pictures – following the descriptions made by the Greek authors – some of the most suggestive and famous episodes of the lives of the Greek Goddesses. The earliest desire of shooting directly in Hellenic land changed after an exploratory trip taken in 2011, a trip that revealed not only the impossibility of logistically reconstructing the mythological episodes – many have no described scenery – but also the historical inconsistency of events that, in truth, never happened, and that represent an idealization of human life, not a superior dimension to passively receive as a dogma of faith. These revelations persuaded and permitted me to fill the narrative gaps with darker and more dramatic scenes, in line with the kind of passions and emotions intended to convey. Five months of work followed, in which our atelier team literally rebuilt a portion of a temple, and many other photographical sets, using many cubic meters of polystyrene and tons of cement. The majority of ARISE shootings were taken in two weeks, between September and October 2011. The sets welcomed more than twenty models, accurately selected according to the physical characteristics of the Goddess or mythological figure they should have embodied. Other shootings sporadically followed until August 2012. A selection of the gathered material started in autumn 2011, followed by an impressive post-production work, required by the uniqueness of each image and the desire of creating specific visual effects. ARISE is my first published project and, in all likelihood, the most important creative tribute to the Greek Goddesses ever conceived in the history of photography.

“I admit that the very first time I heard of Marco Brunetti and his “alter ego” Tristan Dark I thought of a clever commercial operation that would have left me indifferent and concerned. Yet, when I met Marco, a guy tall enough to make you feel uneasy, I perceived three elements that told me something about him even before discovering his art (for it is art what we are talking about): humility, curiosity and passion.”

Tribute. Obsession. Mission.

“Further on, after observing his photos about the the Greek mythology and the Greek Goddesses, I was captured and taken by a sort of attraction, as fatal as concerning, released by those images. It is well possible that Marco was influenced by the extraordinary art of John William Godward, but the truth is that his interpretation goes much beyond the works of the great painter. Marco defines his artistic journey about the ancient Greece a tribute to that fascinating period but, observing his photos and listening to his thoughts, you get a very precise sensation: to him this theme is some sort of obsession, of mission. And he takes it on with such innocence and creative instict to influence anyone. Even though his pictures are not under my eyes in this moment, I realize they played on my mind with the same disturbance that only a great movie, a nice painting or the work of a great artist does. “Why?” you could wonder. That’s because they are images of deep expressive impact and rare dramatic force.”

“All I can say about the level of the photo-editing, required by the complexity and ambition of some images, is that it is discreet and first-rate, never overwhelming the quality of the raw photos I had the luck to see. In that phase you cannot cheat: either you have talent or you don’t. The removal of some photographic defects and the “ductile scenery” offered by computer-work obviously add some magic to the photos, but the original result, like in the works of Tristan Dark, is tangible and emotional. The historical research, Marco’s indisputable artistic talent and the drama of these photos leave their mark and stimulate the mind in making a wish: may the author proceed in his work and give us further oneiric visions, taking inspiration from other worthy historic periods.”

Diego Dalla Palma

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