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Stallion’s card


A Tristan Dark Horses stallion’s card is the business card that absolutely cannot be missing from your stallion’s smoking!

After your purchase, we will email you a link to upload your files to our DROPBOX. Thank you.

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Details about “Stallion’s card”

Below are the specifications of the chosen product.

    • RGB A4: back side [21 x 29,7 cm al vivo]
    • CMYK A4 [21 x 29,7 al vivo + 5mm di trim per lato] double-sided*
    • One revision granted (first proposal, first revision)


    • Both vector and raster elements will be used.
    • The customer is required to send us logos, texts and any other element necessary for the timely success of the project.
    • The customer will be sent a first draft realized according to our creativity. The final concept will be developed according to the comments sent to us by the customer exclusively via email. One revision is included in the price.

*A stallion’s card is ideally composed of a front side (stallion’s photo with logo) and a back side (pedigree/show record/sire record). If photos and logos are not already in our hard disks, the customer is required to send them to us in the appropriate format. Otherwise, our work will focus only on the back side of the card

N.B. The client is generally asked to provide the studio with all the information relating to the stallion. In fact we try to take care of everything, including pedigree, show records, sire records, etc. It is clear that the greater the collaboration from the customer, the better the final result will be in terms of accuracy of the information collected.


N.1 graphic file in the following formats:
    • RGB JPEG
    • CMYK PDF
    • RGB PDF
    • Kodak certified PDF digital blueprint on request only

Additional information

Graphic elements used

Commercial fonts, Hyperlinks, Raster mock-ups, Vector elements