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Learn to shoot like a pro
Do you want to find out how our images come into existence? There are no secrets in our workshops! We believe in sharing, comparison and growth through the exchange of opinions and the formulation of the right questions.
From the settings of the camera to the preparation of the horse, from the tricks to attract his attention to the right shooting position, we will take you on a step by step exciting journey to discover the secrets of professional equestrian photography.
We want you to go home not just with a great photo in your memory card, but with a piece of our passion and attention to details.
With us you will not only learn to shoot, but also to post-produce your images like a true professional.
And if you don’t trust us, trust those who have already participated in our workshops ..
Learn the secrets of unique post-production

What is included in the price?

  • Video tutorials and / or presentations with infographics and images

  • Adobe Photoshop brushes that will be used in post-production

What is not included in the price?

  • Hotel stays for participants

  • Food and beverages

What happens if the weather doesn’t smile at us?

The organization of a workshop, even if lasting only one day, is always subject to the risk of encountering a rainy day or cloudy sky. And it is often impossible to know it until the designated day. Notwithstanding that our team will be in close contact with all participants to monitor the situation in the days preceding the event, there are two alternatives: 1) if the workshop focuses on portrait, post-production or other activities that do not require necessarily the sunlight, it will be decided by mutual agreement whether to do it or not. 2) Conversely, if for the theme of the workshop it will be necessary to shoot outdoors, either it will be postponed to the earliest possible date or the sum paid will be fully refunded. The decision rests with the individual participants. If the cancellation will result in the failure to reach a minimum number of participants, the workshop will be automatically canceled.

Required Equipment

DSLR or mirrorless camera body with 70-200 mm lens (or similar); laptop with Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Camera Raw / Lightroom.

Conditions of participation

  • 1)
    It is absolutely forbidden to film the workshop for any reason and at any time;
  • 2)
    The photos taken during the workshop can only be published on social media and / or on the personal websites of the participants. Any use of a commercial nature (sale of photos, etc.) is excluded;
  • 3)
    The published images must always clearly bear the words “photo taken during Tristan Dark’s workshop”;
  • 4)
    Participants consent to the video recording or photography of the workshop for future promotional purposes, thus agreeing to be portrayed during such filming.
  • 5)
    Neither Marco Brunetti, as owner of Tristan Dark Photography, nor any of his assistants, nor any member of the hosting stable are responsible – in any way – for damage to persons or property that may occur during the workshop, whether damage caused to the participants or caused by them. To this end, we strongly recommend that you take out personal insurance for damage caused to third parties.
  • 6)
    Tristan Dark can cancel the workshop at any time if the minimum number of participants (3) is not met or due to unforeseen and unpredictable weather conditions or other problems. In this case the sum paid in advance will be fully refunded.

Scheduled Workshops

  • There are no workshops scheduled at the moment. Check for future appointments.